Women’s Fun Tournament

Court Maintenance Team

We have to shout out to the Court Maintenace team, who outdid themselves in getting the courts ready for a 9 AM start. These gentlemen (and you know who you are!) started clean-up Thursday evening already after the downpour ceased. They followed that up with their blowers at 7 AM, trying to get the courts dry enough to play on. Suffice it to say that thanks to their hard work, the Ladies were able to play today.

Four Round Round-Robin

Twenty-four women arrived at the Peach Orchard courts on Friday, October 1st, 2021, to play and have fun. The competition was fierce on all levels as everyone played their best and gained experience in the process. After four rounds, when the dust settled, tournament directors divided the women into three groups according to their wins and losses. Which division the ladies ended up in depended entirely on the luck of the draw and the opponents they faced during this round-robin phase.

Group 3

Group three consisted of 4 teams, some of them entering a tournament for the first time. Even though they ended up in the bottom four of the twelve teams, they all wore bright smiles and learned a lot. These game ladies will soon be giving the more experienced tournament players a run for their money. Kudos to Patti L & Jenny L, Gerlinda H & Tracy O, Monica C & Margaret W, and Barb D & Maria Z.

Patti L and Jenny L were the winners in the third level.

Group 2

Rounding out this group of 4 were Carol J & Linda C, Donna E & Terri M, Shirley P & Lorna C, Sheila S & Corrine M. The games were hard-fought and tightly contested. However, Corrine and Sheila emerged in the final round to take home the gold in this division.

Group 1

Four teams that finished in the top spots of the round-robin were: Diane B and Laurie A, Carol H and Gwen R, Monica W and Leslie J, and finally Karen J and Judy M. In the final round, which went to 15 Monica W and Leslie J defeated Karen J and Judy M in a well-played match. Both Monica and Leslie were consistent with their third shot drops, which minimized the damage from the powerhouse team of Karen and Judy. Both teams are strong contenders, but the patience and persistence of team Monica W and Leslie J won the tournament.