Which Program is Best Suited for Me?

The Summerland Pickleball Club offers indoor pickleball programs in three different venues:

  • The Summerland Badminton Hall (novice, practise, all level social)
  • The Harold Simpson Memorial Hall (competitive)
  • The UNISUS International School (competitive, all level social).

The entry level Novice Program is supervised by coaches and offers an introduction to the rules of the game and how it is played.

The Practise Sessions are open to all types of players and offer the opportunity to improve strategy, ball handling and team play.  Here experienced players provide feedback and guidance to others.

The All Level Social Program is a great opportunity to play with a variety of players in a relaxed atmosphere.  Basic ball handling skills and knowledge of the rules of the game are a prerequisite.

The Competitive Programs provide the opportunity to share the court with players of specific skill levels.  We are using numerical ranking to indicate the skill level of the typical player participating in each program.  These ranks are based on those established by Pickleball Canada (our members automatically are members of Pickleball Canada) which themselves are derived from the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association).

The USAPA ranks players from level 1 (lowest) to level 5 (highest).  Pickleball Canada has developed specific guidelines and evaluation criteria.  The Pickleball Canada Assessment Guide explains how to go about a self-assessment in order to determine the best program for you (see page 3-5).

Our programs are built around the levels

  • Novice
  • 3.0 (Plus) – open to everyone except novice
  • 3.0-3.45 – open to competitive players that are not yet 3.5s
  • 3.0+ Strong – open to strong, competitive 3.0 players and better
  • 3.5 Plus – our top level players

The best way to determine where you fit in is by doing the self-assessment available in the Pickleball Canada Guide and keeping track of how you are performing.  If you have mastered the rules of the game and are comfortable handling the ball, register for All Level Social (relaxed game) or 3.0 (Plus) (competitive).  Once you know how to move on the court and want to play competitively at your skill level try out 3.0-3.45.  If you want to play competitively with a variety of experienced players choose 3.0+ Strong.  Once you see yourself winning most of your games register for the 3.5 Plus program.

At this time our club is not using an official skill assessment performed by a certified instructor.  All club members are encouraged to ensure that they register in those programs that best reflect their skill level and playing style. Our program captains are available to provide feedback.