Club Mentorship Program

The purpose of this survey is to identify those club members who would like to participate in our mentorship program, the level of their play, the type of mentoring required, and their ultimate goals.

The Summerland Pickleball club Programs Committee is trying to accommodate all levels of play, whether social, club level, or official levels. There is room for everyone, and we wish to be all-inclusive. Thus, we are trying to give those who want to learn and grow as a player the opportunity.

Our recent club survey revealed a list of mentors willing to help others improve their pickleball game. The programs committee needs to identify the folks that want to improve and their current abilities. It does not matter if you are an absolute beginner or an advanced competitive tournament player. We have mentors for all levels.

How do you identify yourself as a pickleball player?

(Officially means that you have played in sanctioned events.)

What are your goals with this program?

You can have more than one response.

Do you come from a racquet sports background?

You can have more than one response.

Do you have any physical disabilities, such as Arthritis, heart problems, or facing replacement surgery?

Please choose one answer.

Would you like to have an official club rating so that you will know what level is appropriate for you to play in?

The club divides play into several levels, including intense play sessions. These are highly competitive and strenuous sessions that can be ruined for others when people enter who cannot play at that level. Because of this, the club is considering assigning ratings to play in these sessions.