Program Registration

All programs are for SPC members only. 

All Indoor programs require advance registration through Sign-Up Genius.  How to use this system will be mailed out shortly after joining our club, and your Covid Passport scanned.

So far, we only have two venues this season: the Badminton Hall and a limited amount of slots at the Harold Simpson.

New to this season is our Mentorship program, which not only incorporates help for our Beginners and Novices, it also reaches out to our 3.0+ players who would like to improve their game and level-up. We are fortunate in that we have mentors for all levels. These mentors have a wealth of knowledge, strategy, and skills that they are willing to share. Feel free to ask for help! If you are unsure where you fit with your level, ask a mentor at the appropriate level.

Our Novice and Beginner Mentors:

  • Pat Begley
  • Bill Cook
  • Linda and Dennis Curle
  • Brian Christopherson
  • Gwen Redfern

Our 3.0+ Mentors

  • Bill Hinchey
  • Randy Jones
  • Ali Steenbergen
  • Mark Tamblyn

If you would like to contact a mentor please email the Programs Director