First frigid play starts the 2018 outdoor season

Nine brave souls gathered at 5 C temperatures and wacked the ball around freshly cleaned-up courts at Peach Orchard.  We had a great time and were even able to welcome two soon-to-be members Dale and Art.  Kudos to Angela, Vijai, Gwen, Sue, Mark, Pat and Henry.


Drop-in play at Peach Orchard available beginning April 3rd

The Peach Orchard outdoor pickleball courts will be ready for use starting on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018.   Court Hosting is mandatory at this point since the entrance gate to the courts must be kept locked until the campsite opens.  Therefore a Court Host must sign up in advance, obtain the key from the lockbox at the Badminton Hall and unlock the west gate at the courts.  At the end of the session the Court Host will return the key to the lockbox at the Badminton Hall.

The court host is responsible to ensure that the court surface is safe to play on.  Clean-up may be required to ensure that there is no debris.  The surface must be dry and not slippery.
Sign Up Genius for Court Hosting has been set up for the month of April on Tuesdays (10:00 am – 12 noon)Fridays (1:00 pm to 3:00 pm) and Saturdays (10:00 am to 12 noon).  This is for drop-in (all skill levels) and the paddle rack system of play is in use.

At this point there is no sign-up for players, only for the court host.  Players can just show up and play.  We will start our regular summer program at the beginning of May.

Updates to our winter program

The Summerland Pickleball Club is pleased to announce that we have worked out an agreement with the Summerland Badminton Club for the use of their hall.

Our members are now able to play there five days a week.  A detailed schedule is attached.  Court hosts will be onsite whenever our club is using the Badminton Hall.  Please consider signing up as a court host by visiting SignUp Genius.

We have formed two new groups for those members who wish to play at a more competitive level.  These games take place in the Harold Simpson Hall.  Our most competitive group is the SPC Focus Group.  If you are an advanced level pickleball player and would like to try out for this group, please send us an email and the group leader will get in touch with you.

The gyms in the Trout Creek Elementary School and the Baptist Church will no longer be used.

With one large venue for social games and another venue for competitive games we hope to address the needs and preferences of all SPC members.   Adjustments to the schedules will be made as necessary.

SPC Update

Wrapping up our first summer season

Great attendance and lots of fun at our end-of-season social gathering this morning. Casual pickleball play and great food. Thanks to all who contributed! Awards were given to Carol and Michael Hermesh (highest overall point count during round robin), Carol Siemens and Jurgen Kahl (runner-ups) and to Elaine Begley for most improved player.

We’ll continue to play at Peach Orchard as long as the weather permits. Remember that the washrooms are now closed and parking is across the street.

Introduction to the paddle rack system of play

The Summerland Pickleball Club is using the paddle rack system of play at the Peach Orchard courts.  Upon arrival all players are asked to place their paddle into the rack installed on the fence separating the small courts from the large court.  The system works as follows:

If there are paddles on the paddle rack, players who just finished their game MUST exit the court so that the waiting players can come on to the vacated court.  This is not optional!

A stack of paddles is complete when there are 4 paddles.  You can add your paddle to any stack that does not already have 4 paddles.  If all the paddles are in sets of four, you start a new set by putting your paddle beside the last stack to the right.

As a court comes available the players with the set of paddles on the far left take their paddles and access the court.  All the paddles are shuffled up one bracket to the left to make more space on the right.  The paddles must remain in the same order when they are moved.  Even if a stack has less than 4 paddles, it moves to the left just like the 4 paddles stacks.

If your paddle is in a “3 paddle” (or fewer) stack and it is your turn for the next court, you should yell out that you NEED ONE (two) MORE”.  That “one more player” can come from anywhere, even if they do not have a paddle on the rack, including the 4 players who have just come off the court to let your group on.

When you come off the court, you can put your 4 paddles back up together OR you can mix it up by placing your paddles in different brackets that don’t already have a set of 4 paddles.
Enjoy the game!

We are inviting non-members to play with us

We are extending our welcome to non-members and are inviting you to join us every weekday morning starting at 9 am.  Simply sign a waiver form and enjoy the game without paying a membership fee.  This is a limited time offer while we are developing a new court use policy with the District of Summerland.  Participation in club programs will require a membership.  See you on the courts!

A big thank you!

A big thank you to the many Club members who continue to support the Summerland Pickleball Club by participating in programs and drop in play, however, special appreciation (and thank you) goes out to Sarah James who donated an electric leaf blower to help keep our new outdoor courts in pristine condition and Carol Hermesh who designed, created and hosts our new Club website. It’s going to be a fabulous 2017 outdoor season!


Opening Ceremony for the Peach Orchard Pickleball Courts

The Summerland Pickleball Club and the District of Summerland are excited to announce the official opening of the pickleball courts at the Peach Orchard Municipal Campsite.  On June 29 Mayor, Councillors and Members of the Administration joined some of our players for a few rounds of pickleball.

Our Club now has over 100 members and we are happy to offer these beautiful courts for exclusive use every weekday morning 9-12 and Friday evening 5-7.

Thank you to all involved!