Men’s Fun Tournament

Randy J and Mike M Sweep

The morning of September 30th proved to be a bit on the windy side, overcast, and perfect pickleball weather for the Men’s Fun Tournament. We set up the event as a five-game round-robin in which each of the teams played each other once. Organizers Mark S and Carol H tallied the wins and losses, and we moved on to the five-team single-elimination round. Kudos to the ten men who gathered to duel it out. There were lots of hard shots that somehow made it back to the sender and lots of dinking.

Mike M. and Randy J. each sporting the gold medals that Dawn E made.

When the dust settled, Randy J and Mike M emerged victorious, winning all of their rounds. Silver went to the team of Mike H and Dennis B. While Blair and Kip, Pat and Ray and Frank M, and Bill C all played well and gave each other a run for the medals.

Ali S. donated some fun prizes in the form of painted Pickleball Rocks. Pictured below are the four winners of the Draw.

Tomorrow will be the Women’s tournament, which means that there will be some court drying to do after this afternoon’s downpour. There are twelve teams entered for the day’s events.