Getting Ready for Organized Play

As we are approaching a return to organized outdoor pickleball our maintenance director Dale and his volunteer crew spent a few hours getting the courts ready.  Nothing is more fun than splashing water and pulling weeds in the rain.  Thanks guys!

According to the District of Summerland Recreation Department the conversion of the remaining tennis court to four new pickleball courts will happen in August.  All courts may be closed during this period.  We will keep our members informed as work progresses.

We will start organized play as soon as the requirement for COVID ambassadors has been lifted, hopefully at the beginning of July.  We are in the process of signing a use agreement with the District that will give us exclusive access to the courts for a number of hours per week.  Sign-Up Genius reservations will be introduced again for both group and individual play by skill level.  While things may remain a bit unorganized until the court construction is complete, we will return to programming similar to what we offered two years ago once all six courts become available.

Stay tuned!