FUN Mixed Doubles Tournament

Round Robin Phase

We had a total of 17 teams enter into our FUN Mixed Doubles tournament. Ultimately, there were five teams in our Advanced division and 12 teams in our Intermediate division for the event.

For the advanced level, we ran a 5 round, four games each, round-round robin. The round-robin determined the two bottom teams who would play each other for the fourth spot in the Single elimination round. So at the end of that competition, it ended up being Judy M and Mike M and Monika W and Marcel playing for that seat.

In the Intermediate section, we ran a four-game round-robin which seeded an eight-team single-elimination round. The bottom four teams went to a single-elimination consolation round.

Consolation Round

We saw Novice Barb D and Ray B battle it out with Linda C and Mike D and Stuart G and Lorna C take on Fred M and Novice Kate C in the consolation round. However, Linda C and Mike D won the gold medals in the final consolation round, leaving the silver to Lorna C and Stuart G.

Top Eight Round

The top eight part of the single-elimination round had powerful teams fighting hard for the coveted top spots. John S and Helga S, unknowns to the other players and new to our club, defeated Ken P and Laurie A to reach the semi-finals. John T and Carol J defeated our president Sue S and husband Lionel S to play Helga S and John S.

On the other side, Mike H and Shirley P lost to Sheila S and John (BJ) S, and early favorites Blaire B and Diane B fell to Dennis B and Joanne S.

In the two semi-final rounds, John T and Carol J emerged victorious over Helga S and John S. (There were a lot of John’s in the semis). On the other hand, Dennis B and Joanne S lost their match with Sheila S and John (BJ) S.

That left us with John T and Carol J against Sheila S and John (BJ) S for the gold and silver final match. This game went to 15 and was hard-fought on both sides. John T and Carol J took the early lead, but Sheila S and John (BJ) S refused to give up and soon overtook them. The game then became a battle of unforced errors because both teams played exceptionally well. Sheila S and John (BJ) S emerged as the eventual winners with a 15 – 13 victory on an unforced error from their opponents.

Advanced Matches

The final four teams squared off against each other, with Dale M and Leslie J winning over Monka W and Marcel B. Randy J and Karen J had a narrow win over Art F and Ali S. (Art F had an appointment at 1.30 – so he claims that he “let them win”).

The final match started and ended pretty quickly. Randy J and Karen J versus Leslie J and Dale M looked like a fun match to watch. Unfortunately, the weather had failed to hold, and it started to rain a little bit. This rain made the courts a bit slippery – even though the rain was quite spotty. Both teams were just getting warmed up and hitting their stride when Leslie slipped and lost her footing. Team Randy J and Karen J were immediately on the other side of the net, along with Dale M, to make sure she was all right.

Although shaken up, Leslie was fine, and both teams decided to call it a day and a tie. The silver medals went to the men Randy J and Dale M and gold medals to Karen J and Leslie J.

Door Prizes

Many thanks to Linda Curle, who supplied two home-baked apple pies as door prizes. Jeane Owens donated the apples.

Also, thanks to Maple Roch for supplying some delicious treats for the door prizes as well.


Did we catch someone checking his cell phone in the middle of a photoshoot?