First Indoor Tournament 2021

Covid and Badminton Hall Style

Saturday, November 7, marks the first day of the Summerland Pickleball Clubs’ indoor tournament season. With Covid restrictions in place, only 12 participants could play at a time. This first tournament saw eight couples enter, so we split the group into two pools, A and B.

Pool A

The first group included Fred and Carol M, Carol and Michael H, Carol S and Dennis B, and Terri and Frank M. The double round-robin meant each team met twice.

There were some hard-fought matches in this series, with several games going beyond the standard 11 points. Carol and Mike H fought hard against Carol and Fred, only to lose one of their two duels, 14 to 12. Carol and Fred M won the first match handily with 11 to 6 against these two.

Carol S and Dennis also gave Carol and Fred a run for their money in the first round losing 12-10. Another close match ended up with Carol and Mike H scraping by against Carol S and Dennis B.

The final round-robbin scores ended with Carol and Fred M winning all of their rounds and a point count of 66 + 4 over points (which didn’t count – but were worth mentioning). Carol and Mike H followed with a score of 53.

Pool B

The second group included Karen and Randy J, Brenda and Cliff I, Cameron K and Carol J, and Laurie and Robert A.

Randy and Karen dominated this round by winning all of their games by at least 3 points or more. Cameron K and Carol J followed close behind by winning four of their matches. The final scores for these two teams were 66 and 57, respectively.

Tomorrow (Sunday November 7)

The line-up for tomorrow is as follows:

Consolation Round – Final 4 PM

  • Carol S and Dennis B
  • Terri and Frank M
  • Brenda and Cliff I
  • Laurie and Robert A

Teams will play a Double Round Robin win by 2 (Max 15 points). The top two teams after the Round-Robin will play a final game to 15.

Top Four – Final 6:00 PM

  • Karen and Randy J
  • Carol and Fred M
  • Carol J and Cameron K
  • Carol and Mike H

Teams will play a Double Round Robin win by 2 (Max 15 points). The top two teams after the Round-Robin will play a final game to 15.

Sunday Results November 7, 2021

The consolation rounds were hotly contested, with one team winning 4 of their six matches and another winning five of six games. Leading the way were Brenda and Cliff I with a total of 61 points, followed by Carol S and Dennis B. with 56 points. Robert and Laurie A, Terri, and Frank M filled the other two spots and were not that far behind.

In the final game of 15, Brenda and Cliff emerged the overall winners with a 15-6 win over Dennis B. and Carol S

Top Four Surprise Winner

Carol J and Cameron K won four of their six rounds in the Top Four. Randy and Karen made a clean sweep of their Round- Robins by winning all six of their Sunday games. The other two teams Carol and Fred M and Carol and Mike H, toughed it out but couldn’t make headway against these two strong teams.

The final score for Randy and Karen was 66, and for Carol J and Cameron K, 56 points. The final round to 15 proved to be very competitive, with Carol J and Cam K stepping up their game a notch or two and overcoming the heavy favorite Randy and Karen 15-10 in the final match and taking home the bragging rights.

All in all, everyone had a good time, there were some fantastic games and many memorable moments.