Introduction to the paddle rack system of play

The Summerland Pickleball Club is using the paddle rack system of play at the Peach Orchard courts.  Upon arrival all players are asked to place their paddle into the rack installed on the fence separating the small courts from the large court.  The system works as follows:

If there are paddles on the paddle rack, players who just finished their game MUST exit the court so that the waiting players can come on to the vacated court.  This is not optional!

A stack of paddles is complete when there are 4 paddles.  You can add your paddle to any stack that does not already have 4 paddles.  If all the paddles are in sets of four, you start a new set by putting your paddle beside the last stack to the right.

As a court comes available the players with the set of paddles on the far left take their paddles and access the court.  All the paddles are shuffled up one bracket to the left to make more space on the right.  The paddles must remain in the same order when they are moved.  Even if a stack has less than 4 paddles, it moves to the left just like the 4 paddles stacks.

If your paddle is in a “3 paddle” (or fewer) stack and it is your turn for the next court, you should yell out that you NEED ONE (two) MORE”.  That “one more player” can come from anywhere, even if they do not have a paddle on the rack, including the 4 players who have just come off the court to let your group on.

When you come off the court, you can put your 4 paddles back up together OR you can mix it up by placing your paddles in different brackets that don’t already have a set of 4 paddles.
Enjoy the game!

We are inviting non-members to play with us

We are extending our welcome to non-members and are inviting you to join us every weekday morning starting at 9 am.  Simply sign a waiver form and enjoy the game without paying a membership fee.  This is a limited time offer while we are developing a new court use policy with the District of Summerland.  Participation in club programs will require a membership.  See you on the courts!