2019 Christmas Turkey Gobbler Tournament Attracted Big Flock of Pickleball Players

Twenty-six SPC members, a handful of volunteers and numerous spectators enjoyed a morning of Christmas pickleball at the UNISUS International School in Summerland.  Thirteen teams competed in two divisions, demonstrating once again that this sport is not only great exercise, but also fun and entertaining.

This time around we had the privilege of being joined by students of the UNISUS school who not only cheered on the players but also spoiled us with yummy baked goods.  Proceeds from their cookie sale and our entrance fee were donated to a single mother refugee from Sudan, adding Christmas cheer to the occasion.

The Summerland Pickleball Club has conducted five tournaments this year.  Many thanks to the organisers, volunteers, our sponsors, club members and visitors who make these memorable events.

Warm greetings from the SPC Board to all members and friends of the club.  Enjoy a safe and joyous Festive Season!

Teams are getting ready to play.
A new generation of players is paying close attention.
Fierce action on one of four courts.
IMG_4927 cropped
Careful record keeping made sure that everyone was treated fairly.
Division A champions Mark and Bill with runners-up Pat and John.
Division B champions Carol and Jürgen with runners-up Terri and Bryan.
Linda is the proud winner of the trophy turkey sponsored by Summerland IGA.  Less yummy but just as appreciated by its new owner Michael is the exercise ball sponsored by Summerland Physio.

Welcome to the 2019 Holiday Scramble

The SPC Program Committee announces the 2019 Holiday Scramble!

We were fortunate to obtain almost exclusive access to the Harold Simpson Memorial Hall for the better part of the Holiday Season.  Though some sessions may have to be cancelled on short notice, we are happy to present a program of many diverse activities, some of them offered for the first time.  All proceeds minus rental expenses will be allocated to our court construction fund.  In addition participants in the team league competitions will be able to name a charity of their choice for a donation of 1 dollar per participant.

Members can use SignUp Genius to book programs that they are interested in.  Please carefully read the instructions in the comment sections.  Read the summary Holiday Scramble Notes and view the Holiday Scramble Schedule SPC to select sessions for you and your guests.

Have fun!

Which Program is Best Suited for Me?

The Summerland Pickleball Club offers indoor pickleball programs in three different venues:

  • The Summerland Badminton Hall (novice, practise, all level social)
  • The Harold Simpson Memorial Hall (competitive)
  • The UNISUS International School (competitive, all level social).

The entry level Novice Program is supervised by coaches and offers an introduction to the rules of the game and how it is played.

The Practise Sessions are open to all types of players and offer the opportunity to improve strategy, ball handling and team play.  Here experienced players provide feedback and guidance to others.

The All Level Social Program is a great opportunity to play with a variety of players in a relaxed atmosphere.  Basic ball handling skills and knowledge of the rules of the game are a prerequisite.

The Competitive Programs provide the opportunity to share the court with players of specific skill levels.  We are using numerical ranking to indicate the skill level of the typical player participating in each program.  These ranks are based on those established by Pickleball Canada (our members automatically are members of Pickleball Canada) which themselves are derived from the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association).

The USAPA ranks players from level 1 (lowest) to level 5 (highest).  Pickleball Canada has developed specific guidelines and evaluation criteria.  The Pickleball Canada Assessment Guide explains how to go about a self-assessment in order to determine the best program for you (see page 3-5).

Our programs are built around the levels

  • Novice
  • 3.0 (Plus) – open to everyone except novice
  • 3.0-3.45 – open to competitive players that are not yet 3.5s
  • 3.0+ Strong – open to strong, competitive 3.0 players and better
  • 3.5 Plus – our top level players

The best way to determine where you fit in is by doing the self-assessment available in the Pickleball Canada Guide and keeping track of how you are performing.  If you have mastered the rules of the game and are comfortable handling the ball, register for All Level Social (relaxed game) or 3.0 (Plus) (competitive).  Once you know how to move on the court and want to play competitively at your skill level try out 3.0-3.45.  If you want to play competitively with a variety of experienced players choose 3.0+ Strong.  Once you see yourself winning most of your games register for the 3.5 Plus program.

At this time our club is not using an official skill assessment performed by a certified instructor.  All club members are encouraged to ensure that they register in those programs that best reflect their skill level and playing style. Our program captains are available to provide feedback.

Pickleball Clinics Available

Once in a while our members wish to share information to help other members acquire strategies and improve their skills on the court.  While the SPC cannot verify instructors or endorse courses and clinics offered in our region, we do not want to hold back these kinds of tips.  So if we publish a poster like the one shown below, it is really up to interested members to do their research and compare this clinic with other training opportunities.  And do not forget that we offer coached practise sessions as part of our programming.


Poster for clinic McKenzie

SPC Fall Tournament

On September 7, 2019 the Summerland Pickleball Club held a fun and well attended fall tournament.  19 teams were organized in Groups A, B and C with Group A representing the most advanced level.  Not only did the tournament provide hours of fun exercise and socializing, we also raised over $500 towards the construction of new courts.  Winners were (left to right) Angie Milne/Barrie Borrett (Group A), Ken & Dawn Pratt (Group B) and Margaret Wouda/Jerry Flaman (Group C).

Winners Group A-B-C
The Finalists Group A/B/C

Thank you to our sponsors and those club members who developed the program, acted as referees and contributed in many other ways.

The Sponsors
Our generous sponsors
The Organizing Committee
The Organizing Committee

Over 70 members and friends either participated or observed and supported the players.  We had a great time and hope to organize a similar event next year.

The crowd of spectators
Watching the Group C Finals
Presenting the trophy
Organizing Committee Member Mark Siemens presenting the trophy
Referee instructing the players
Referee Carol Hermesh instructing Group B players for their champion game
Group A Finals 4
Group A Finals
Group B Finals
Group B Finals
Group C Finals
Group C Finals

2019 Annual General Meeting

The Summerland Pickleball Club held a very well attended 2019 Annual General Meeting on September 3, 2019.  The membership fee for the September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020 period will be $35 and includes a membership with Pickleball BC and Pickleball Canada.

The new Board of Directors was confirmed as follows:

President – Brian Christopherson

Vice-President – Mark Siemens

Secretary – Angela Sielmann

Treasurer – Carol Johnson

Chair Membership Committee – Carol McCabe

Maintenance – Dale Jenner

Chair Program Committee – Carol Hermesh

Director at Large – Sue Simpson

The meeting minutes are here:

Minutes (AGM Sept. 3-2019)

Open House at UNISUS

SPC held an Open House at UNISUS school Oct 29. Forty-two members showed up to tour the gym and play on 4 courts. It was an overwhelming success and the exit survey indicated that the members are interested in adding this venue to our playing opportunities.

The program committee has since met and has drafted some requests for times and programs that the Club will now take to the school staff for discussion.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen and to all members who showed up.

AND a big thanks to the UNISUS school for donating their gym to our Club.

Unisus School and Survey Results

The Board members have been negotiating the use of a new facility that has come available to us. This facility currently has three marked Badminton courts with the other half of the gym presently unmarked. We have permission to put down court tape if we need to.

The Board has arranged for an open house of this new venue on the 29th of October. We will set up three courts for people to play and test it out. There will be a survey with regards to your impressions and how you would like us to use the facility that you can fill out afterward. You will be invited to sign up for this event through the sign-up genius. Your membership will have to be current as well.

We have a good response from the Survey that went out to everyone a little while ago. The programs committee will have its first meeting on Thursday, October 4th and everyone who has expressed interest in working on this committee has received an email with the time and the place. We hope to at least have most of the Winter programs created by the 15th of October.

In the interest of transparency, I am posting the survey results on this page in the form of a bar graph and pie chart so that you can see the challenges that the Programs Committee are facing. It will be a massive undertaking to keep every group satisfied.

Club Tournament 2018


Thursday brought us a mishmash of weather, mostly cloudy, the occasional sunshine, lots of sprinkles, and a bit of rain. However, it did not stop the fun! The initial round robins saw 8 A division teams and 8 B division teams square off in two pools of four. When the dust settled around 1 pm, and with the help of a slight shower, the scores were all tallied from each pool and the playoff brackets were listed.

The play was exciting to watch as teams did their best to outdo each other. One of the biggest surprises in the first round in the play-off was the low scoring team defeating the highest scoring team in the first round of the finals. It was a hard fought match, with lots of fast volleys back and forth over the net at the no volley zone. Gwen R. and Mike D. emerged victorious in a very close game over Art and Dale.

In the B division final, Pat B. and Ray worked there way through the field to find themselves in the final match and going for the trophy. They were unable to unseat Carol & Fred M. who emerged from the round robins in top position and managed to stay there.

The A Division saw a final match between Jurgen K and Ken P. (seated 2nd in the round robins), against Mike and Judy M. (seated 5th in the earlier round robins) The match ended with the court wet and Mike and Judy victorious.



There were lots of spot prizes, donations by members as well as a few businesses. The Summerland Pickleball Club would like to Thank Pickleball Depot for their generous donation of paddles and racquet bags. Ruby Blues Winery offered up the perfect bottle of wine for the club. The wine celebrates their tenth anniversary and was called “Forever Young” The wine label was created by well-known artist Jennifer Garrant of California.

True Grains also sent us a wonderful offering of pretzels and cookies. They were a Club favorite. Maple Roch also sent us a couple of jars of Maple Mustard. They worked amazingly well with the pretzels.

Every time I looked at the concession, there seemed to be more food. I noticed grapes, watermelon, and popcorn that magically appeared out of nowhere. Carol J and Monica somehow managed to run the concession as well as play in the tournament. As things got cooler after a bit of rain, Lionel also came to the rescue with a coffee run. He brought three boxes of coffee, which was very well received!

The fundraising tournament raised $469.00 for the clubs reserve fund which we hope will eventually go toward more courts. Thank you, everyone, for donating, attending and making it happen!

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