About Us


Mission Statement

The mission of the Summerland Pickleball Club (SPC) is to promote the development and growth of pickleball within the District of Summerland, BC.

The SPC will do this by:

  1. Working with various levels of government and private entities to expand playing opportunities by establishing permanent dedicated indoor and outdoor courts.
  2. Promoting the game to individuals of all ages and abilities.
  3. Encouraging community spirit, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.

2020/2021 Board of Directors

  • Henry Sielmann, President
  • Sue Simpson, Vice-President
  • Karen Jones, Secretary
  • Carol Johnson, Treasurer
  • Terri Martinello, Membership
  • Dale Jenner, Maintenance
  • Ali Steenbergen, Programs
  • Jean Owens, Director

Job Descriptions for Executive Positions on the Board

SPC Executive Job Descriptions

Constitution and By-Laws

ByLaws (Updated June 8, 2020)